Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance season is here and many homeowners need to be aware of how to keep there gutters functioning properly. Not often do we come across homeowners who think about rain gutters when thinking about roofing. With so much change in the weather, we wanted to give an small insight on why many should “focus on gutters”.

Rain gutters perform many important functions for the home, including: help prevent erosion, helping to prevent water damage, help avoid foundation problems and much more. We always suggest making sure your gutters are installed correctly for if not, the maintenance experience of roofing will be a waste of time. When the gutters are installed, they should not hold standing water, leak, and should be securely fastened to the fascias. The downspouts should be fastened to the exterior of the house as well and should not have anything blocking the output. Regular check ups and maintenance should be applied often to keep gutters in top performance. Sometimes, high winds and severe weather can rip off the gutters and even place debris in the way of clear gutter flow.

Here at Alexander Roofing, we provide services of gutter installation and maintenance. Alexander Roofing has been assisting with roofing services for many years and would like to extend our services to you. Contact us today via our website or call us today at (803) 960.0837.

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